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  • CNBC

    Paul Raines on a CNBC Exclusive. “Here at GameStop we have embraced the digital and mobile businesses. Those are businesses that didn’t exist a few years ago.”

  • CNBC

    GameStop CEO Paul Raines talks about the company’s profitability and the next generation console cycle. “There is a lot of demand for the innovation that these gaming consoles will bring. Our profitability has been stable around our new digital business and our mobile business.”

  • Bloomberg

    Paul Raines talks about how the retail business has changed. “GameStop’s new digital and mobile business, is very different from what retail was years ago. The beauty of new consoles, it creates new intellectual property which creates new fans and new franchises in new genres.”

  • Gamasutra

    Kongregate co-founder and COO Emily Greer, speaks to an audience at GDC Tuesday morning about what she considers the best practices for monetizing (and satisfying!) free-to-play game players.

  • Forbes

    Tony Bartel, president of GameStop, expects huge demand for PS4 this Christmas. He talks about the PS4 and discusses a range of topics, including when he expects pre-orders to begin and how he expects streaming and potential third-party game verification to impact used game sales, in this exclusive interview.

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